Blukite is a disruptive newcomer to the world of payment networks. We are building a ground-breaking system to make payments for everyday consumers easier and putting money into the hands of businesses faster than ever before.

Blukite is developing an innovative array of products to streamline the payment process for both consumers and merchants. We are building our own payments app which will allow consumers to pay more easily and securely and without the hassle of signatures, paper receipts, or 3rd party hassle, everything will be done by the app, in the app. For merchants, we are developing an industry leading POS terminal and Business Management software solution, making it easier to keep track off and understand how your business is performing and manage your money the way you want.

The Blukite network will put money into the hands of merchants immediately. No longer will business owners have to wait days to draw down and reconcile their earnings as with traditional payments systems. Through open banking protocols and our integrations with partnering institutions, our system will deliver a world-class feature set that will put the power into the hands of business owners.

We will provide more benefits to both consumers and merchants than any other payment system on the market. By using our payment system and leaving legacy card networks behind, Blukite will provide cheaper accessibility and faster payments to merchants and a more streamlined payment process to consumers

Transparency is vitally important to us. With Blukite, there will never be any hidden fees. In our Business Management portal, each transaction will tell you the fee associated with it and our analytics will provide merchants with the insights needed to understand the fees they’re paying over time. There will never be any hidden PCI fees or scheme accessibility fees.

Blukite is currently working on 3 key products. Our payments app, our network, and our POS terminals. Each of these products has a feature list too long to include but some highlights include: instant access to funds for merchants, a Business Management Portal that will give detailed breakdowns of all transactions, analytics, and allow remote control of terminals and other aspects key to running your business. Our POS terminal will allow editable menus so you can use the features you need, real time over-the-air (OTA) updates, and user friendly UI. Our app will provide an unparalleled ease of use in making payments, viewing the status of your balances, your transaction history, and handy features to keep track of receipts, warranties, recurring payments, or upcoming payment deadlines.

Open banking is the process of enabling third-party payment service and financial service providers to access consumer banking information such as transactions and payment history. This practice is possible through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs).

Open Banking is very secure. You, as the customer and owner of your data, are the only person who can authorise any connection between your bank and a regulated third party. It means you never have to share your bank login details with anyone, just use them to log in to your online banking as normal.