Merchant Services

The Blukite Network is designed to adapt to the growing needs of society and builds upon advancements in technology to deliver a more cost effective and secure payment channel, providing instant settlement and giving the merchant immediate access to their funds.

Blukite’s open-access, scalable infrastructure will deliver a state-of-the-art payment experience to merchants and consumers across the blukite network whilst providing a solid platform for the development and implementation of emerging technologies.

Contactless, frictionless, limitless

Blukite’s human readable optical payment technology combined with its proprietary embedded security protocols makes making payments not only more secure but dramatically improves the user experience.

These advances enable the removal of inconvenient transaction limits and secondary authentication barriers, Blukite builds on the consumer appetite and awareness of the advantages of open banking and alternative methods of paying for their goods and services will drive acceptance of open banking payments via the Blukite network.

Blukite Network Advantages

Protection of data is paramount in the Blukite Network with its core technology built upon our ‘anonymous data’ concept.


Normally only available to larger retail companies, reward program benefits drives down customer acquisition costs for the merchant and increases consumer retention.


Payments and refunds are made in real-time with settlement to the merchant or consumers accounts instantly.


Enhanced data collection and associated analytical tools drives improvements in the manner in which the merchant is able to improve the consumer experience.


Realtime reconciliation of payments leads to less time spent matching payment receipts with transaction records.


Blukite Network marketing tools enables its merchant to offer dynamic promotions to its consumers encouraging footfall and driving additional value into the business.


Substantial reduction in transaction costs without monthly network access fees or card industry standard charges.