Online Payments

Our Blukite Payment Solution is perfect for online businesses of all sizes and can be seamlessly integrated into your website to provide an efficient and streamlined payment experience for your customers. Additionally with our Merchant Portal, you can easily manage your online transactions, track your sales, and generate reports to analyse your business’s performance. Contact us today to learn more about our Blukite Payment Solution and how we can help you take your online payment system to the next level.


Your customer
is ready to check out

The purchasing process starts as soon as your customer has found the product they desire. When they are ready to pay for their items, they can simply click on the ‘Checkout’ button.


Payment checkout
page will appear

Your customers will be taken to checkout page. They can proceed with payment by scanning the screen and complete their transaction in the Talu payment app.


Get paid

After your customers make their transactions, you`ll get your money straightaway via Open Banking instant payments.

Payment by Links

Another way that you can use our Blukite Payment Solution is by using our payment link – click2pay . These links allow you to send payment requests directly to your customers, making it easy for them to pay for products or services from their mobile devices.